The Simple Beauty of Wood

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The Simple Beauty of Wood

Set in the breezy coastal Katong area of Singapore, this apartment is a haven of comfort for the owners. With a ‘less is more’ approach to interiors, they have carefully picked pieces with a clear emphasis on quality and design.

Beautiful traditional furniture mixes seamlessly with more modern items giving a relaxed but elegant sense of style which reflects the personality of the owners and the needs of their family. A credit to the lady of the house who had a clear vision in mind.

However, it is the antique wooden furniture that really stands out and enhances the beauty of the home. The appreciation of quality wooden furniture comes as no surprise as the owner is a commodities trader in wood and wood products.

Taking centre stage is the graceful rosewood dining table and chairs, the epitome of elegance. The dark wood a striking contrast against the cool white walls and white marble floor. A balance of light and dark.

A traditional Indian swing hangs from the ceiling. Suspended by metal chains and adorned with elephants, it perfectly frames the artwork on the wall behind it. 

In the living area the mix of old and new works very well. Alongside the modern sofas and colourful armchairs sit two ebony colonial chairs. The exquisitely carved chairs have such great detail and texture they add character and interest to the space. Illustrating it really is possible to strike the right tone between old and new.

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